Providing Customized Services to Long Term Care Communities in Florida

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We love where we come from; roots in the community and a small business serving our neighbors. And we love what we’ve grown to: a multiple-location pharmacy providing services to long term care communities throughout Florida. 

What makes it even better is that we haven’t forgotten our roots. While we have the resources and technologies of a large pharmacy, we stay true to the personalize service that comes from a small Mom and Pop.

Every facility we work with has a customized plan of pharmacy services that works best for them. And each is supported with a dedicated customer care rep, building relationships so we’re ready to consult, teach, and adjust services right when you need us.


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In this group, you’ll also have access to a calendar of events for 2019 which includes conferences, expos, training opportunities, and other relevant events impacting professionals within the world of long term care. We’ll keep updating it as more events are scheduled and you’ll be able to link it to your own calendar.

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Here are just some of the things you can count on us for:

Sunrise, FL

With 2 pharmacy locations in Florida, and serving numerous LTC facilities across the state, we’ve learned that each community has different needs. So we go beyond simple pharmacy services, and instead provide a customized experience that makes sense for your facility. 

You’ll come to rely on us for not just timely deliveries and med-cart audits to help you get ready for surveys, but for personalized consults, staff training, and cost-containment innovations. 

Our Clinical Intervention Center is comprised of employees dedicated to managing clinical rejects and processing Prior Authorizations whenever possible. All in an effort to reduce non-covered charges and therapy disruptions. Here is some of what we focus on:


  • Therapeutic Interchanges
  • Clinical Reject Resolution
  • Non-Covered Reject Management
  • Admissions Preview
  • Billing Integration
  • Specialized Packaging

Your Pharmacy Team


You expect our Pharmacists to be highly trained and well-credentialed; which they are. What you might not expect is the consultative approach they take when you need them to. Use us as a resource when you need support at your quarterly facility meetings. We’ll conduct monthly Medication Regimen Reviews (MMR) for each resident, not to mention providing survey preparation and support. Identifying potential drug interactions, therapy duplications, and required lab monitoring means your patients have improved quality care, and your mind can rest easy knowing that we are just as focused on the health and safety of your residents as you are. 

Beyond the basics, our pharmacists are also there to provide clinical support and education to your staff, as well as cost containment and recommendation reports to you. We aren’t a silent partner leaving you to fend for yourself. We’re as involved as you’d like us to be; supporting you where and how you need us.

How can we help you?




Quality is not just a word, or even a compliance thing to us. Quality is what literally saves lives, so it’s non-negotiable. Alongside that, nurses depend on timely delivery, packaging options, and easy software to keep each shift organized and informed.

What’s even better is the benefit you get from using our Unit Dose Box packaging. Unlike the standard unit dose cards, this dispensing option creates individually labeled pills within patient identified boxes, that allow for full credit of any eligible unused medication. A win for nurses; a win for your facility.

Of course, only you know what’s best for your long-term care facility, which is why we offer many different dispensing options for you to choose from.

Let’s have a conversation and begin a customized plan for your community today.


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