Web-Based Solutions

Web-based Solutions

Because of our connection to CVS we are able to utilize their advance technology solutions to enhance communication with our centers.

Omniview Overview ®

Omniview provides your staff convenient access to clinical and financial information.

You have the ability to order refills, view the status of patient orders, and perform a pre-admission assessment.

Financial tools include Med D claim resolution, census updates and billing.

There is also an extensive library of both clinical and financial information.

OmniPlanFinder ®

This is a web-based tool that allows your residents to find the most cost-effective Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plan based on their medication list and simplifies the enrollment process.

Omniview Rx ®

Available for both Android and iPhone, this app saves your staff time by enabling them to perform certain pharmacy transactions from the convenience of their mobile phone.
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