Providing Tailored Services to Long Term Care Communities in Florida

Sun Pharmacy Through the Years

Sun Pharmacy has worked tirelessly alongside long-term care communities for over 20 years. During this time we’ve seen the needs of the industry change and evolve in many ways. And we’ve evolved right with it.

From emerging technologies to innovative medication packaging, IV services to daily deliveries, Sun Pharmacy continues to collaborate with clients to develop the most comprehensive tailored pharmacy services we can.

Our Team

Mark Alspach, PharmD is our Operations Manager, but you’ll see his face out and about at industry events, seminars, and meeting with long term care facility leadership to learn more about their challenges in an effort to customize our support.


Kim Jones, CCR extraordinaire works alongside Mark and those we serve to provide the type of customer care seldom seen elsewhere. Her mindset is one of creative problem-solving and in developing proactive approaches to each facility’s unique needs.

Transparency, education, and authenticity are what this dynamic duo bring to the table. And their open door policy means they are always available to speak with you.

The Sun Pharmacy Difference

Since opening our doors, the pharmacists, techs, and leadership of Sun Pharmacy has developed long-standing relationships with long-term care and skilled nursing facilities in Florida. We’ve grown as you’ve grown, evolved with the ever-changing healthcare landscape right alongside you, and made it our purpose to be more than just a pharmacy services provider, but to also be a dependable partner.


Here are just some of the things you can count on us for:

Cost Containment

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it can’t do the job alone. Which is why you can trust our pharmacists and Clinical Intervention Center specialists to personally oversee all aspects of your LTC pharmacy services.

It’s this combination of people and tech that affords your facility the most efficient and effective pharmacy services – ultimately saving you money.

Contact us to discover a tailored program right for your nurses and patients.

Clinical Support

The nurses of your LTC facility are remarkable; each bringing unique qualities to your team and those they serve.. Their tireless efforts to ensure each patient is cared for as well as they deserve to be, does not go unnoticed.

It’s our job to support those efforts however we can. That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive processes around medication safety, and offer infusion therapy support, as well as monthly reviews for each resident performed by our licensed consultant pharmacists.

Plus, you can depend on the support, training, fail-safes offered by the customer care reps that visit your facility on a regular basis. You’ll get to know them, and they’ll get to know you. Find out more about the specifics of our Clinical Support programs and how they can benefit you.

Medication Availability


Your residents don’t just need meds from 9 – 5.

There’s no time out for medical needs. That’s why we operate our pharmacy non-stop every minute of every day. We deliver medications when you need us to, and we’ll provide an extensive Emergency Drug Kit for those unexpected (yet expected) times of dire need.

With easy order tracking and refills and a delivery process developed to save you time, pharmacy services with us will feel effortless! Get in touch so we can begin creating your tailored program today.

Disaster Preparedness


Living in Florida definitely has its perks! With sunny skies, warm weather, and typically brief bouts of rain, it’s a place that not only calls to tourists, but to those wanting to put down roots as well.

It’s no secret, though, that living a coastal life also means running the risk of battling large storms like thunderstorms (we are the thunderstorm capital of the U.S.), tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Unfortunately, the lightening, wind, and rain can wreak havoc on your facility. At Sun Pharmacy, we’ve put together thoughtful emergency preparedness plans to ensure that your residents and staff are never without the medication and supplies they need. We leverage technology and our 5 Sun/Heartland Pharmacy locations with a central database so there is no lapse in communication, script orders, patient records and other things you need should the power go out or the internet goes down.

Ask us to lay out our disaster plan for you and then decide for yourself how valuable it will be to your LTC facility.


When you work with Sun Pharmacy don’t expect to ever be asked to go it alone! You’ll come to depend on your Customer Care rep that visits your site at least monthly.

You’ll come to expect personalized training not only on the most efficient ways of using our pharmaceutical services, and the technology you’ll gain access to, but also training as requested by you to better equip your nurses for success.


There’s a reason the industry of medicine is referred to as a practice. Medications, treatment plans, therapies, are constantly evolving.

Our team will support your team through ongoing training and recommendations that will create consistency and accuracy where it’s most needed. Learn how we can work together and lighten your load!

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