Providing Customized Pharmacy Services to Long Term Care Communities

Connecting with Community

Connecting with long term care facilities in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana is something we’re very proud of. Helping support so many people, from those working in the facilities and those living in them, is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

We pay close attention to the needs of these communities in order to continue bringing innovative solutions forward. Developing relationships with Directors of Nursing, nursing staff, and others working hard to keep things running smoothly, is top of mind. Because it’s through these connections that we are all at our best.

Being a pharmacy that provides for long-term care facilities is a complex undertaking. But it’s our mission and our joy.

How can we help you?


LTC Provider Group

We’ve created a place for professionals in the Long Term Care industry to post questions to each other, chat about what’s happening in the industry, and make connections.

In this group, you’ll also have access to a calendar of events for 2019 which includes conferences, expos, training opportunities, and other relevant events impacting professionals within the world of long term care. We’ll keep updating it as more events are scheduled and you’ll be able to link it to your own calendar.

It’s free to join and you can easily unsubscribe! 

Here are just some of the things you can count on us for:

Medication Availability

Patients can’t wait for their medications, and nurses don’t have time to place complicated orders. And when was the last time a patient needed emergency attention at a convenient time?

It doesn’t happen.

This is where Heartland Pharmacy of Illinois jumps in to make your job easier and your patients healthier.

We use an automated system that allows you to easily and quickly place orders, including refills and emergency meds, while also giving you one-stop-shop access for managing all your pharmacy needs. And we have the latest possible cut-off times so you don’t have to worry when those late admits come in.

Since no two facilities are the same, and because needs within a facility can change,  we are able to customize our medication delivery schedule to cater to you. And don’t worry about having to stand there and do an on-the-spot inventory of your pharmacy tote contents; take a full 24 hours to get things verified.

From standard everyday medications to injectables and emergency drug kits, you can depend on us for quality-assured, timely delivery,  and cost-effective medication and pharmacy support how and when you need it.

We don’t believe in that whole “square peg, round hole” scenario. Schedule a quick consultation and let us show you what your customized pharmacy service could look like!

    Cost Containment


    How much relief would it give you to have a personal “sleuth” uncovering cost savings you didn’t know existed, or calculating a patient’s med costs before they come to your facility, and does a whole lot of the paperwork for you?

    Through our industry-leading web-based software system, you and your nursing staff will have tools at your fingertips for addressing a variety of concerns and tasks. Easily integrated with tools already in use at your facility, our program will allow for census and demographic info uploads, real-time invoice delivery, and even an option to help residents find the most cost-effective Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan.

    Overall, you’ll be alerted to cost-saving options that can have a real impact on your bottom line.

    We take great pride in finding ways to get full credits on qualifying unused medications; especially easy when using our 30-day box dispensing system. And our eye is always on reject management.

    Of course, you know you can depend on us for thorough reviews of all medications by one of our pharmacists to ensure appropriate therapy for each patient, consulting with physicians when necessary. There are no short-cuts on quality and safety.

    Want to learn what it would be like working with Heartland Pharmacy in your facility?

    Let’s get in touch!

    Clinical Support

    Yours is not a world where “going it alone” is appealing.

    You need an all hands on deck team surrounding you and your patients every moment of every day of every year.

    This is how you’ll get to know us – and how we’ll get to know you!

    Our highly trained Customer Care personnel will support you in a variety of ways. And because you will work with the same person each month, you’ll have the advantage of developing an important two-way relationship that will ensure that customized approach you need and deserve.

    From infusion therapy support utilizing a centralized IV department, staffed with qualified pharmacists and pharmacy techs, to innovative processes ensuring medication safety, to support when questions arise, and so much more, you’ll feel fully supported in ways you’re likely not used to. Enjoy peace of mind knowing our commitment to remaining compliant, and relax, trusting our years of experience in the trenches and our cutting-edge approaches to supporting your facility.

    We often seek feedback from our Customer Care team to learn what our customers need most. And then we develop processes and procedures internally to provide that support. One of the most prevalent concerns is being prepared for Surveys. The way we help is by conducting monthly med cart audits, and med room inspections to alert you of any issues you might not be aware of. We also work with your team in an educational context; teaching the ins and outs of our systems as well as providing timely updates monthly, Pharmacy 101 training, and controlled substances overviews.

    There’s so much more we support you with.

    Contact us to find out more about our clinical support services and how we can best support you!


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