Cost Containment

Our Goal is to Support You With Outstanding Products and Services.


Clinical Intervention Center

Our Clinical Intervention Center is comprised of employees dedicated to managing clinical rejects and processing Prior Authorizations whenever possible. All in an effort to reduce non-covered charges and therapy disruptions.


Therapeutic Interchanges

Non-covered Reject Management

Facility Preferred Products

Clinical Reject Resolution

Review by a pharmacist ensures appropriate therapy

Consultation with the physician as needed

Non-covered Reject Management

Utilize ‘Cover My Meds’ where pharmacy completes the Prior Authorization Forms and forwards them directly to the MD

Initiate interchange to covered product

OCC (Omnicare Communication Connection) Portal available on Omniview to access and respond to pharmacy notifications.


Admissions Preview

Determines the approximate cost of medications prior to admission

Identifies cost saving opportunities by utilizing Heartland’s Preferred Products.


This web-based tool can help your residents find the most cost-effective Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D plan.

Billing/Omniview Integration

Census and demographic information can be fed directly to Omniview

Reduces paperwork burden on the facility

Invoices are delivered in real time to Omniview on a monthly basis

Specialized Packaging

Our 30-Day Box dispensing allows full credit on all doses eligible for credit

Credit usually provided within 7 days of return

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