Clinical Support

We Partner With You for Excellence in Service.

Heartland provides Clinical Support to your center with specially trained staff offering a variety of services all designed to ensure your residents have the best care possible.

Infusion Therapy Support

Accessibility: Heartland has one centralized IV department that handles all IV orders and is available 24 hours a day to answer any clinical questions related to IV therapies

Quality: The department is staffed with highly trained pharmacists and technicians. The pharmacists are experts in pharmaceutical calculations and are able to dose aminoglycosides, vancomycin, TPNs and other medications that require specialized dosing based on the patients’ demographics and labs.

Safety: Unmatched commitment to remaining USP 797 compliant, in keeping with our patient first approach.

Medication Safety

Barcode verification system at every step of the dispensing process.

Barcodes validate label vs medication and label vs tote to ensure your patient has the correct medication.

Hazardous medications are dispensed in punch cards.

Tamper evident delivery system for controlled substances.

Consultant Pharmacy Services

A licensed consultant pharmacist will conduct a monthly Medication Regimen Review (MRR) for each resident and attend your facility meetings quarterly.
Consultant Pharmacists provide survey preparation and support, clinical education for your staff and cost containment reports and recommendations.

Consultant pharmacists improve the quality of care, safety, and health of residents by identifying potential drugs interactions, therapy duplications and required lab monitoring.

Customer Care Reps

Customer Care Reps visit your center on a routine monthly basis.
They perform med cart audits, med room inspections, and validate your fax machine is working correctly.
Your Customer Care Rep will also provide education to your staff in the form of “Do You Know’ newsletters, Pharmacy 101 training and Controlled Substances Overview.

Monthly reports are provided to the Director of Nursing and Administrator.

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