What We Do

Heartland is a Long-Term Care Pharmacy company owned equally by HCR-ManorCare (HCR) of Toledo, Ohio and CVS Health.

Heartland Healthcare’s joint ownership between a long-term care provider (HCR) and a pharmaceutical provider, CVS Health (Omnicare), give Heartland the benefit of understanding the specific and evolving needs within the long-term care industry.

Our partnerships allow us to quickly develop innovative processes based off the needs of our customer. We focus on state-of-the-art patient safety, cost savings and efficiencies within the industry. It is our goal to be the leading pharmaceutical provider.

Heartland Healthcare’s pharmacy model is unlike other pharmaceutical providers.

With five pharmacies nationally, we service ten states. All five pharmacies are linked to a central data base.
Orders are sent to our home office in Toledo, Ohio where they are sorted, reviewed and entered into our Pharmacy Information System by highly trained technicians. The orders are then reviewed by a pharmacist at a local level.
Pharmacists in Ohio are monitoring the order queues at all pharmacies and are ready to assist any of the pharmacies whenever the need arises. This prevents any delays in the filling process and allows the deliveries to depart as scheduled.
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