Dedication. Service. Care.

We believe that pharmacy services should be effortless so that you can focus on caring for your patients.

Cost Containment

Insurance rejections can wreak havoc on a patient’s on-going care, and can cause a lot of frustration for you as you try to manage their health despite the interruption. Our Clinical Intervention Center (CIC) is your answer for cost-containment as it helps manage clinical rejections and reduces non-covered charges.

Clinical Support

Your biggest concerns center on the safety of your residents.  And you know your facility better than anyone else. Which is why we offer an array of clinical support services, and let you decide what will best serve you. We’ve designed our services with 3 things in mind: the safety of your residents, medication cost reduction, and customized nurse support.

Medication Availability

Medication availability is a top priority for you, which means it’s a top priority for us. Robust Emergency Drug Kits, extended order cut-off times and pharmacy support to obtain specialty medications are just a few of the ways we help to ensure your residents have their medications when they need them. Even when the unexpected happens.

Our Pharmacies


Our roots are in Ohio, but our hearts extend east to Pennsylvania, and south to Florida. We all work in sync, as the one big family we are. And we support each other in a heartbeat, whenever a need arises; like when mother nature tries to interrupt any pharmacy’s services. We have disaster plans in place that seamlessly shift responsibilities from one location to the other. Your patients never notice a difference because their meds and services are still there when they need them.

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About Heartland

Heartland Pharmacies have been serving long-term care communities since 1994 and provide nearly 5 million prescriptions a year. With families, nurses, and facility administrators depending on us in multiple states across the country, we focus on providing the pharmaceutical care that goes above the standard, making sure we take care of you and your patients in an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective manner.

Sun Pharmacy joined our family in 1996 and takes painstaking steps to ensure that nursing homes entrusting them with their pharmaceutical needs are well-supported and provided for.

Career Opportunities

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